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One of My Websites is Not Showing up in Google!

After discovering a few tips on improving SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from a number of Internet Marketing Seminars I had attended in the past. I explored SEO and even managed to get most of my websites successfully and with not too much difficulty in the top 10 rankings of Google, searches, based on specific Keywords.

To my surprise, 2 weeks ago (1st April 2010) April Fool’s Day, one of my websites that was consistently number one or at least in the first page of Google just disappeared. I panicked, I read Google’s WebMaster Guidelines to give me an indication of anything I had done wrong. I couldn’t figure it out! I did remember there were a few things that I had amended on the website itself, which could have had an impact. One change was adding Google Adsense ads on the first page of the actual website. But surely, that couldn’t of got my website de-indexed or stopped my site from being shown! Could it?
Well, as my site isn’t appearing in Google search results or not showing in the first 20 pages or so, or it’s performing more poorly than it once did, I decided to check with Google’s website as to what I could have done that was wrong. I discovered and visited Google’s  webmaster guidelines website. I read most of the guidelines and was still baffled as to what could have happened, as I truly believed that I had not violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to the best of my knowledge and understanding.  
I then wrote an email to Google Help about this problem and have had no response or reply. I will just wait patiently. In the meantime, I have searched almost 200+ pages looking for my specific website but just can’t find it! It seems to me that it has just disappeared in Google’s Search Engine. Panic “my website is not showing on google”. I am very frustated!

After further investigating and getting slightly bored completing cumbersome searching through endless pages of Google Searches. I realised that my mysterious website must be somewhere in Google’s Cyberspace!
A Couple of Checks:
In or Search Box type the following:
where should be the name of the website that is not showing up in google. Do not leave a space between the site: and www as it does not show anything related to the website you are searching for if you do this.
Once you have entered this information, hopefully your website should come up. Voila, if it does!  At least you know that you have not been deindexed or removed from Google Search. Yippee!! My website did come up! One hurdle.
Second check, enter any unique text from your website and since it is your own content you can easily cut and paste something from your website and put this string of text in quotes. For example “sofina khan was born “ and do a search. Your website should hopefully then be listed in Google. If it is, then at least you know that you have not been removed from Google.
In my case, my website has been pushed down in rankings by my search term, but how far has it been pushed, I still do no know? I don’t know why, but I’ll wait and see what happens in the next few weeks.
If however, your website still has not appeared when it did in the past. I would suggest that you get in touch with Google about Requesting Reconsideration of your site. Here is the link
Therefore, you can put a Request into Google to Reconsider your site.

In the meantime, I will just patiently wait for my website to push up again to the first page of Google, as I believe I haven’t violated any guidelines.
Possible Reasons as to why this happened?
When Google’s spiders web crawl the website, my host server may have been down! Server outage. Outrage on my part!
Possible devious individuals who have copied my content of my website and dupicated. Google bans this and could have banned your site as well as the others who have copied your content. Duplicate content is an absolute NO NO!
Something that you have put in your website that is of a spam nature.
There are other reasons to and these are not the only reasons ….

However, in my case, I think I will just be patient and just wait to see if my website moves up in the ranks again or ever, wherever it may be at the moment. Good Luck

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