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 As a parent, there are times when you want and feel the need for extra work for your child in order for them to keep up with their peers eduational levels. Many parents, resort to getting a tutor for their child, some usse Kumon, Kip MGgrath and we have used Explore Learning in the past.

However, sayign all of this, there are a huge array of resources on the world wide web, that needn’t cost huge monthly outgoings and can save you hundreds of pounds or dollars or lots of money. However, looking for all these resources can be very time cnsuming and I have undertaken this  task over a few months and have managed to obtain a lot of websites that I have personally checked out and now included in this blog.

These websites, I have checked out and I think they are very useful and full of free or small amount of fees for a large amount of educational resources. Here they are: Enjoy.

Primary Framework for all Subject
Free learn anything for free over 86,556,197 lessons delivered
Paid subscriptions  SATS papers and useful resources £9.95 per year  50k worksheets $29.99
Teachers Resources
Google search “free maths english worksheets resources”
Free Worksheets decimal numbers worksheets!!
Learning Mentors TAs google ads

•  $79 per year


Proggress Monitoring

PSHE development

Keystage bitesize Trapped Spelling

Touch Typing

Get your kids to learn to touch type, this is soooo useful in everyday life, as kids these days use computers, keyboards and so it is sooo handy for theem to learn to touch type. Dancemat is FREE and teaches your kids in a really easy and friendly way to learn to type starting from the very beginner’s level of familiarising the keyboard to learning or mastering typing without looking at the keyboard and using all the digits of a hand!

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