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Internet Marketing | Sofina Khan - Website

Sofina Khan – Website

Welcome to Sofina's Official Website.

I started my Internet Journey many years ago back in February 2008 to be exact. I subscribed to a web host provider, bought into turnkey web businesses, bought tonnes of internet stuff subscribed to Autoresponders not knowing what it all meant and got loaded with so much information – “Information Overload”  that I got lost in the huge sea of internet marketing world and lost a lot of money in doing so and didn’t manage to get anywhere. I was sent emails from all I subscribed to until my inbox (and still is) full of Internet Marketing Guru’s sending me emails about the next best product.

Anyway, since that time, I have just educated myself in internet marketing. One of my goals for 2010 is to create an successful Internet Business as a second stream of income.

In September 2008, March 2009 I attended a couple of wealth building seminars and made endless notes on various topics to do with Internet Marketing. I learnt SEO, WordPress blogs, putting up simple websites, etc.
I leased my own domain name sofinaaghios.com in May 2009 and only in December 2009 did I finally do something with it, as can be seen.
It is only now that I am very serious of putting my knowledge into practice learning so much in 2009, especially from guys such as Tony Sharpe (Brilliant man), Mark Anastasi (Inspiring), David Cavanagh (Ozzie Internet Coach who lives in Thailand) and a few others. I would urge anyone who wants to learn about internet marketing as a way of earning money, to attend as many seminars as possible in 2010. Attend until the penny finally drops! I would recommend Tony Sharpe and Mark Anastasi, if you don’t have the time and inclination to attend these events, I would really recommend you check out Tony Sharpe’s System G Formula where you can learn all you need to about making money on the Internet from the privacy of your own home!

On April 13th 2009, I created a number of websites using SEO techniques I had learnt and got most of the websites in the top 10. It wasn’t very hard to do and it really is very simple, once you know what to do, but based on specific keywords. To this day, I haven’t earned a single dime but learnt lots and this is why 2010 will be different!

Keep watching this space.

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