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Being Cautious of Internet Scams

By: Coty Schwabe

Everywhere you turn, there are programs that promise to make you some cash from the comfort of your home. The unfortunate thing is that a great deal of these programs are a lie.

One reason is that the methods taught are simply outdated, and just don’t work anymore. Or they don’t work like they used to.

A second motive is that the creators of the systems never did it themselves, but are in turn just trying to cash in by selling an idea. This happens very often, and it is sad that a great deal of people lose money in this way.

Lastly, a third reason that many methods don’t live up to their claim is simply because it’s just a sham, or a scheme. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, that do this just to make a quick buck.

While this sort of occurrence happens every day, there is a way to avoid it – by being a step ahead. By looking out for warning signs beforehand, you can avoid falling into one of these traps.

How to avoid being scammed online

Below are some key things to look for before joining online program that promises to make you some money.

Many of the scammers that setup fly by night operations promise to make you income in very little time such as hours or even minutes. This isn’t impossible in some cases, but for most people, there is generally a lag time between signing up, and seeing money made.

Another possible warning sign could be if the person running the program requests money in advance. While there are good, credible programs that require capital, some will ask for obscene amounts upfront. If this is the case, then don’t do it.

Do they have a refund or privacy policy? If you sign up, and they don’t have a privacy policy or refund policy, then you’re not protected at all. Always make sure that the site has some sort of policy for you.

Lastly, there are scammers out there that write fine print, and stick it at the bottom of the page. If you don’t read it, or skip right over it – then you’re at fault; not them. Read the whole page carefully.

While these items aren’t the only ones, this is a great starting place. Be sure to always check these areas before you jump out and join the next “hottest thing.”

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