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From the very young age of six years old, Yes, Monopoly was my favourite game as a child.

I have always had a great interest in property. How property can make you money, how it is one of the most important things in life when it comes to essentials and how you can use it to help others, earn a good income and just out of sheer interest.

Information Technology

I loved computers again from a very young age. I developed a huge interest in computer and programming, my first ever PC was a Acorn Electron, following on to a BBC Micro.

One of my A Levels was in Computer Science and following on from my degree in Economics I undertook a Master of Science Degree in Appled Computing Technology.

After graduating, I followed a short but rewarding career in the IT Industry.

Internet Marketing

I have been interested in Information Technology for a long time and mastering the internet marketing is one of my goals this year. I would relaly like to achieve this goal in the first 6 months of this year and I will keep you all posted.


My son was diagnosed with Autism – Autism Spectrum Condition when he was only 2 1/2 years old and since this time, it has become an interest of mine, in making the world aware of this lifelong condition.

Keeping Fit- Going to the Gym

I love to keep fit. Although, I still want to be slimmer than I am (don’t all women?). But seriously, I do love to keep fit and some of my time is devoted to this.

Martial Arts Muay Thai

My interest in martial arts stems from my interest in Body Combat which is a great way to keep fit. The most interesting version of Body Combat are the tracks that have Muay Thai.


I developed this interest when i first attended one of Chris Howard’s NLP Breakthrough to SuccessEvents in March 2008. It was truly awesome expereince and I would recommend one of his events to everyone.

Self Development

I want to be a hardworking, philanthropic person and at the same time work on myself every day of my life.

My Family

Although having a family can and does take up a lot of time, spending quality time with them plays a vital role in a child’s upbringing. Spending time with the family is a valuable part of any family’s lief, in my opinion. This is why, people have to change their mindset to allow them to do this by empowering yourself with knowledge or self education that will make you a fortune and then allow you to spend more valuable time with the family.
I believe I have succeeded in Property and now it is time to move on to Internet Marketing Challenge.
Financial Freedom and wanting to spend more time with my family are some of my reasons to build a successful internet marketing business to enable me to do this.

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