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Welcome to Sofina's Official Website.

Hosting A Website

For the Internet Masters out there and people already of internet marketing, creating websites, hosting, etc, please jump over the next bit.
However, for Internet Newbies. Once a website is created, it is typically hosted on a commercial server, which is connected to the internet. This is known as hosting. The hosting term can also be used to refer to the housing of a web site, email or a domain or all three.
In essence, every web page, email, file, or online service is stored (“hosted”) on a computer (called a “server”) that is connected to the Internet. This is what Hosting means. The companies that do the hosting for you are normally referred to as HOST Providers.

What next?

Well, once you have decided that you want to start an internet business and you want to have a webpage(s), one or more websites or your own domain name or personal named blog (without using blogger or wordpress). You will need to have a host provider who will store the website and any emails connected to he website for you.

You now need to choose a HOST provider. There are many HOST Providers and the ones most reliable that I have come across and the HOST provider that I would personally recommend the most is Hostgator

To get further discounts on this HostProvider, ensure that you do a search on Google.com or google.co.uk and enter hostgator promo code. You will normally find a coupon or promotion code to give you a month free, for 1 cent or a percentage discount. Either way you’ll make savings!

Click on the banner

With JustHost, they have very good promotions. The trick is to add your order to checkout and then try to exit, a livechat person shoudl appear on your screen, giving you a further discount!!!!

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