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Information Overload And Overwhelm

Information Overload has been defined as “Stress induced by reception of more information than is necessary to make a decision (or that can be understood and digested in the time available) and by attempts to deal with it with outdated time management practices” According to the BusinessDictionary.com

Lately, I have been going through Information Overload. Information Overload is what most if not all Internet Newbies as well as some Webmasters, even some Internet Marketing Gurus go through at some part of their Internet Marketing journey. I went through this information overload back in February 2008, when I first started my internet marketing journey and then gave up all of my internet Marketing.  I bought a lot of ebooks, courses, attending too many seminars and this proved too much to handle and far too much information for me to process leading to Information Overload  and severe overwhelm. I started way too many projects on differing topics using differnt sources of information without completing any one project. This ultimately, led to my failing in internet marketing.
Please Not Again! What to do, differently?
First of all, don’t get sidetracked. Emails that are sent to you from friends, colleagues, Internet Gurus who you signed into, etc flood into your email inbox everyday and each and every hour. This is what happens to my inbox every single day and quite regularly. I have subscribed to a great many Internet Guru’s Lists and most of them totally bombard my inbox with some useful stuff and some not so useful stuff. Leading to TOO MUCH STUFF that I can’t handle, process and implement and there it is again, INFORMATION OVERLOAD AND INFORMATION OVERWHELM.
DO The Following:
Set Time aside to complete ONE task that you have planned to do.
You can only FOCUS on ONE thing at a time. so STAY FOCUSED on that ONE TASK.
Part of the Studying ONE topic at a time, instead of trying to study too many topics. Studying too many topics, or areas of internet marketing will definitely Drown You with Sooooo much Information and You Will ulitmately suffer from Information Overload and Overwhelm, as I did in February 2008, when I first started my internet marketing journey and nearly once again!

I have been a Victim of Information Overload and many of you out there are also victims of Information Overload which can overwhelm you and stress you out completely. Only a few of those (less than 1%), sadly will be people who manage to FOCUS on a single project, or a single task and Start to Make Money. The rest of the people, like myself in the past do get caught up in the trap of trying to learn every single thing that is presented. This urge to not miss out on anything and urgency to make money rapidly and get rich quickly way of thinking can lead to and can end up going from one idea to another idea. Emails keep flooding in from all of the Internet Guru’s websites and Lists you have ended up subscribing to. You keep carrying on tempted to open each of these emails, feeling compelled to open these emails in case you miss the latest trend or trick and miss out on the information. Thus there is an urgency and determination to open the very latest emails from the latest list you subcribed to, offering the supposed latest information. More and more information! Does this sound familiar??

If you want to make money and learn what you need to learn and set your mind to, you seriously need to FOCUS on what topic you are interested in and not get distracted. Study the Topic and Take Action on the Studying you have carried out. You should have a Study:Action Ratio as part of the Focussing on one project. 1 hour study on say Twitter may mean taking 3 hours on actioning it.

I myself am a victim of this addiction to opening and reading all the emails. I have definitely been there, done it and can wear the T-Shirt “I suffered from Information Overload”. In the past, I have not stayed focussed on the one objective or one topic and made absolutely nothing. Realising this potential mistake was difficult.
Do just one single thing at any time and do not get distracted. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU STAY FOCUSSED on what you are doing and what you want to achieve. ONLY THEN YOU WILL SUCCEED. Yes You Will!
Do not start one project and get distracted and move on to another project UNTIL You are sure that the first one project is completed.

So remember, stay focussed on what you are doing and what you really want to achieve and YOU WILL SUCCEED!

However, don’t ever give up trying to Focus on that one thing.

Use the following to help organise the tasks, project and things you need to do ONE AT A TIME.

Use MindMapping Software.
Use One Note (MS Office if you have it!) to organise your notes and EACH Project you want to work on.
Or create your own Index or Notes in MS Word or any other text based software.
Use www.EverNote.com. Just sign up to evernote.com and use this to file away your notes online and access them from anywhere providing you have internet access!


To Your Prosperity

Sofina Khan

About Forum Participation

What is a Forum?

Participating in Forums can provide valuable insight to business owners. Not only for sales, but for some good perspectives from others in your industry as well as potential clients. Forum marketing is not always going to provide you with instant gratification though. It takes time to build a credible profile, and when participating in a forum you can wind up giving more information than you gain. However, despite all of this there are still some benefits of participating in forums. The main benefit is for you to build up a strong profile and use your profile to help others and you in your business.

What are some of the BENEFITS OF FORUM participation?

Building A Network. Getting or being involved in forums is a great way of creating a network for yourself. It is a great way to keep up with industry news or something that your customers or potential customers are interested in. This buiding of a Network, won’t happen overnight and you will be pleasantly surprised when you do build a network of people.

Direct Selling Being a member and regular participant of Forums can be used to assist you in making direct sales from forums but is not your main purpose. This will not be your primary goal to do this and let me highlight it is not the major intent of the participation. Some participans will be looking for learning about some product or service and asking for a recommendation form Forum Members. In that case, you can offer your opinion and voluntary recommend a product or service that you know will help. This can be a link with an good explanation behind it.

Test Audiences. Get others to think about what you have written in your blog, product description, by putting it forward to the forum audience. 

Powerful Recommendations. Before you purchase something, be it an expensive appliance, a laptop, expensive TV it is only natural to find out more about what you might to be purchasing. You can use forums to gain more understanding and opinions on practically anything. Go to google and type the chosen topic or product + Forum. You’ll be surprised at the great number of Forums that are out there for any product and service.

How do You go about Participating in a Forum?

Introduce Yourself. Introducing yourself needs to be the very first step.  Give a little background about yourself and DON’T jump in and start posting your opinions. Always let the existing participants of the forum to welcome you into the Forum site. Make sure you always let them know you are genuine and their to participate in the forum as a participant and forum member.

Do Not Self Promote.  If you mention even in a non promotional way or keep mentioning a few times what you do, this will not be a good thing from the point of view of the forum. Most forums have searchable profiles. so you don’t have to keep promoting yourself. At the end of the day, if someone is seeking you out, or begins to trust you, it is more than likely they will look up your profile to get an idea of what you’ve posted before. DO NOT go dropping links to your website or blog or appear to overrun memebr with spam. It might actually get you into trouble by other forum members reporting you and member forums may not wish to communicate with someone who they can’t trust. Always ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of use for the forum you have joined and have chosen to participate in. For some Forums, self promotion can result in banning from the Forum!! So be careful. Also, be careful of Forum Trolls which in Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community ..

Avoid Attacking other participants. Always try to steer clear of Drama which is inevitable in forums. Forums by their very nature are a place to have open discussions about topics. Posting your personal opinion on something is fine, but to attack others personally will not establish you with a good reputation and will backfire later.

Always Be Helpful When You Can. You may be on the forum with one intent of promoting your product or service. However, if you have knowledge on something about a subject that is being discussed by all means offer some advice, your knowledge and insight. This is vitall when you are trying to establish yourself as a resource and a person who is knowledgeable for a product or service.

Remember it takes time to build an honest rapport within the forum members and Forum Communitywho are inevitably going to be protective of their forum. Let’s face it, as users or members of any groups we really don’t want groups or forums to be overrun with spam and link drops and “Forum Trolls”.
Forums can be a great resource on many levels and may just provide you with the extra push that you need to get more in touch with the product or service of an audience.

I am sure you must have enjoyed reading this post and no doubt it has increased your understanding of Forums and Forum Marketing.

To Your Success


Hosting A Website

For the Internet Masters out there and people already of internet marketing, creating websites, hosting, etc, please jump over the next bit.
However, for Internet Newbies. Once a website is created, it is typically hosted on a commercial server, which is connected to the internet. This is known as hosting. The hosting term can also be used to refer to the housing of a web site, email or a domain or all three.
In essence, every web page, email, file, or online service is stored (“hosted”) on a computer (called a “server”) that is connected to the Internet. This is what Hosting means. The companies that do the hosting for you are normally referred to as HOST Providers.

What next?

Well, once you have decided that you want to start an internet business and you want to have a webpage(s), one or more websites or your own domain name or personal named blog (without using blogger or wordpress). You will need to have a host provider who will store the website and any emails connected to he website for you.

You now need to choose a HOST provider. There are many HOST Providers and the ones most reliable that I have come across and the HOST provider that I would personally recommend the most is Hostgator

To get further discounts on this HostProvider, ensure that you do a search on Google.com or google.co.uk and enter hostgator promo code. You will normally find a coupon or promotion code to give you a month free, for 1 cent or a percentage discount. Either way you’ll make savings!

Click on the banner

With JustHost, they have very good promotions. The trick is to add your order to checkout and then try to exit, a livechat person shoudl appear on your screen, giving you a further discount!!!!

Being Cautious of Internet Scams

By: Coty Schwabe

Everywhere you turn, there are programs that promise to make you some cash from the comfort of your home. The unfortunate thing is that a great deal of these programs are a lie.

One reason is that the methods taught are simply outdated, and just don’t work anymore. Or they don’t work like they used to.

A second motive is that the creators of the systems never did it themselves, but are in turn just trying to cash in by selling an idea. This happens very often, and it is sad that a great deal of people lose money in this way.

Lastly, a third reason that many methods don’t live up to their claim is simply because it’s just a sham, or a scheme. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, that do this just to make a quick buck.

While this sort of occurrence happens every day, there is a way to avoid it – by being a step ahead. By looking out for warning signs beforehand, you can avoid falling into one of these traps.

How to avoid being scammed online

Below are some key things to look for before joining online program that promises to make you some money.

Many of the scammers that setup fly by night operations promise to make you income in very little time such as hours or even minutes. This isn’t impossible in some cases, but for most people, there is generally a lag time between signing up, and seeing money made.

Another possible warning sign could be if the person running the program requests money in advance. While there are good, credible programs that require capital, some will ask for obscene amounts upfront. If this is the case, then don’t do it.

Do they have a refund or privacy policy? If you sign up, and they don’t have a privacy policy or refund policy, then you’re not protected at all. Always make sure that the site has some sort of policy for you.

Lastly, there are scammers out there that write fine print, and stick it at the bottom of the page. If you don’t read it, or skip right over it – then you’re at fault; not them. Read the whole page carefully.

While these items aren’t the only ones, this is a great starting place. Be sure to always check these areas before you jump out and join the next “hottest thing.”

Author Resource:->  Curious about a specific product? Visit Guru Crusher to read in depth money making products, and get more free internet marketing advice.

Article From Independent Information Service


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 Twitter is basically an open channel chat program with people writing and chatting about any subject you can thinks of and it makes an excellent resource for targeted marketing.
Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks on the planet, which means you will never run out of new followers and possibilities however hard you try.
Unlike social networks like Facebook and Myspace where profiles, pictures and videos take precedence, Twitter is all about messaging, making it a far more direct platform for getting your message across.
Since you can have as many Twitter accounts as you like regarding anything you like, and each with minimal setup time, the potential for promotion possibilities are literally endless.
There are numerous ways to find Twitter users with interest in your chosen niche or topic of interest, and whether you learn to do this manually or setup a way to do this automatically, Twitter is one of the easiest sytems to learn. Read the rest of this entry »

How To WordPress

Learn  Everything you want to know about WordPress in one place.

What is WordPress? WordPress is an application that contains everything you need to create a web-site. Yes your own website, you can have as many web pages as you want and care to. It takes seconds to create and build your own website and it really is easy and costs nothing! There is no need to purchase website software, no need to pay your hard earned cash to website designers just to make your presence on the web. Best of all you can get a site started straight away and WordPress is useful in helping you getting search engine optimasation (SEO).

Definition of “WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.” http://wordpress.org

I am a truly a great advocate of using WordPress to blog, create websites and to aid in SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

It is easier to use, create web pages, using WordPress and there are a huge amount of resources out there to help you on your way to start to use Word Press in your internet marketing journey and help you to make money online.

If you really want to get help in starting , there is a great WordPress Training website that can teach you how to use WordPress (if you are a total newbie)  and I recommend this thoroughly. The lessons are free!!

 The WordPress lessons are entirely free and if you truly want to join the WordPress Classroom to learn even more about WordPress’s enhancing capabilities you can join the WordPress Classroom, I would be for all that too. Read the rest of this entry »

System G Formula – Make Money Online

This year, I had the privilege of listening to a unique and very charming Mr Tony Sharpe at an Internet Marketing Seminar that I attended. The event was great, however, the person that stood out the most was Tony Sharpe.
He presented his seminar with great enthusiasm, warmth and genuine belief that you can achieve an Internet Business. I can tell you that I have been to a number of Internet Seminars in the last few years but this guy stood out from the rest in a very nice way.
I then went on to sign up for Tony’s 1 day ‘Monkey See Monkey Do -MSMD’ workshop where I learnt heapfuls of stuff to help me in my online businesss. I can’t even begin to tell you, how much you can learn. From Affliate Marketing, Kunaki, membership sites, etc.
Tony Sharpe also has a great product called System G Formula,
Read the rest of this entry »

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